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NEET 2023 exam is expected to be conducted in July 2023 by the National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET 2023 notification will be released by NTA in the first week of April 2023 at neet.nta.nic.in. NEET 2023 application form will be released along with the official notification. Check NEET 2023


NEET 2023 Exam Date

For NEET 2023 exam dates, candidates can refer to the table below:

Important Events Dates (Tentative)
NEET 2023 notification and exam date announcement First week of April 2023
NEET 2022 Application form release date First week of April 2023
Last date to fill NEET 2022 Application form Third week of May 2023
NEET 2023 application correction process Fourth week of May 2023
NEET 2023 admit card 1st week of July 2023
NEET 2023 exam date 3rd week of July 2023
NEET 2023 result and final answer key August/ September 2023


NEET Syllabus 2023

NEET 2023 syllabus will consist of class XI and class XII topics from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Candidates can refer to subject wise important topics given below:

NEET 2023 Class 11 Syllabus

Physics Class 11 Syllabus– Physical World and Measurement, Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory, Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body, Gravitation, Properties of Bulk Matter, Oscillations and Waves
Chemistry Class 11 Syllabus– Structure of Atom, Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, States of Matter, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Hydrocarbons, Thermodynamics, Hydrogen, s-block elements, p-block elements, Organic Chemistry, Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Environmental Chemistry
Biology Class 11 Class– Diversity in Living World, Human Physiology, Plant Physiology, Cell Structure and Function, Structural Organization in Animals and Plants

NEET 2023 Class 12 Syllabus

Physics Class 12 Syllabus– Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electronic Devices, Atoms and Nuclei, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation, Optics, Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnesium
Chemistry Class 12 Syllabus– Solutions, Electrochemistry, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, General Principles, Processes of Isolation of Elements, p, d, f – block elements, coordination compounds, Surface Chemistry, Alcohols, Solid State, Phenols, and Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones, Chemical Kinetics, and Carboxylic Acids, Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chemistry in Everyday Life
Biology Class 12 Syllabus– Reproduction, Ecology and Environment, Genetics and Evolution, Biotechnology and Its Application, Biology and Human Welfare

NEET Paper Analysis of Past Years

NEET Paper Analysis of past years is provided below to help candidates in their preparation for NEET 2023 exam. The paper analysis of NEET is essential to know the important topics, weightage, and difficulty level of the exam. Toppers recommend going through NEET exam analysis before starting with preparation to get maximum benefit.

NEET Paper Analysis 2022

Provided below is section-wise NEET paper analysis of the 2022 exam conducted on July 17, 2022.

NEET Exam Analysis Physics Chemistry Zoology Botany
Difficulty Level Easy to Moderate Moderate Easy Easy to Moderate
Percentage of Easy Questions 46-48% 30-35% 50% 50%
Percentage of Moderate Level Questions 40-42% 40-45% 40% 40%
Percentage of Difficult Questions 12-15% 35-30% 10% 10%
Weightage of class XI syllabus 40-45% 50% 52-54% 52-54%
Weightage of class XII syllabus 55-60% 50% 46-48% 46-48%
Class XI topics with more weightage Motion, Work and Energy, Mechanical Properties of Fluids Hydrocarbons, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Equilibrium Human physiology, Biomolecules Cell cycle and division, anatomy of flowering plants, Plant physiology, Morphology in flowering plants
Class XII topics with more weightage Current electricity, Magnetic effects of current, optics p- Block Elements, Electrochemistry, Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic acids Reproduction, Human health and diseases, Biotechnology Sexual reproduction in plants, genetics

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People Also Ask

Ques. Is NEET 2023 Syllabus released?

Ans. NEET 2023 Syllabus is based on class 11 and 12 syllabus of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. NEET Syllabus is provided by NMC and no changes are expected in the year 2023. You can download NEET syllabus PDF from the link provided below:

Ques. Is there 97 chapters in NEET?

Ans. Yes, there are 97 chapters/ topics in total covering NEET syllabus for chemistry, physics, zoology, and botany. These chapters are covered under 59 units of class 11 and class 12 NCERT syllabus.

Ques. How many total chapters are there in NEET syllabus 2023?

Ans. There are 59 units in NEET syllabus 2023. The subject-wise and class-wise distribution is provided in the table below:

Subject Number of Units in Class XI Syllabus Number of Units in Class XII Syllabus
Chemistry 14 16
Physics 10 9
Biology 5 5

Ques. Is NEET 2023 syllabus reduced?

Ans. NTA or NMC has not yet announced any reduction in NEET 2023 syllabus. No changes are expected in the syllabus for NEET 2023. You must prepare as per the latest syllabus available here. If any decision to reduce NEET syllabus is made, the same will be notified to the students on the official websites.


NEET-PG 2022
It is strongly advised to go through the Information Bulletin, Image Upload Instructions and User
Manual before filling the Online Application Form for NEET-PG 2022.
You can submit your application form for NEET-PG 2022 exam from the NBEMS website
https://nbe.edu.in from 15.01.2022 (3PM Onwards) to 04.02.2022 (11:55PM)
The following sequence shall be observed while filling the online application form for exams:
 Fill the Registration Form for Obtaining User ID and Password
 User ID and Password will be then, sent through SMS and Email.
 Fill the Application Form and Upload your photograph, signature and thumb impression 
 Choose your test city
 Make payment of fees
 Take a print out of the filled application form with transaction ID printed on it.
Upon creating a profile, you will receive a User ID and Password on your registered email ID and
mobile number. Using these credentials, you can login as registered applicant to fill the application
form. The application may be saved at respective stage and can be re-visited to complete later.
Before you register
Kindly follow the instructions below before you start registration:
 Check your eligibility for the exams by referring to the information bulletin on the NBEMS
website. Apply only if you fulfil the prescribed eligibility criteria.
 Ensure you have a valid email ID and mobile number. Email ID used shall be verified through a
system generated OTP. Same email ID cannot be used by more than one applicant to register a
 “*” (asterisk) indicates a mandatory field. The boxes marked with this symbol are mandatory.
Field which are not marked “*” needs to be filled in if the information is available with you.
 Keep following information ready for filling the form:
a. Personal details
b. Educational Qualification Details and MCI/SMC/NMC registration details
c. MBBS and Internship Details.
d. Scanned images of your passport size recent coloured photograph, signature, thumb
impression (as per NBEMS Image Upload Instructions)
National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences, New Delhi

e. You shall be required to capture a real time photograph of yours as per Image Upload
Instructions in addition to uploading a pre-saved digital/scanned photograph. The system
used to fill the application form should have provisions to click your photograph through
a webcam connected to it.
Step 1: Registration to get User ID and Password
 Go to: https://nbe.edu.in
 Then click on the NEET-PG 2022 tab. You will be directed to another webpage.
 Then click on `New Registration’ and you will be directed to registration form page
The entries in registration form cannot be changed once submitted, hence, ensure that you enter
the required information as below correctly.
 Name of Candidate: This should be the same as on your MBBS qualification certificate. You shall
be required to produce a valid government ID proof with same name on the test day.
 Date of Birth: Use the calendar icon to select the correct date of birth.
 Gender: Enter your gender (Male/Female/Transgender)
 Nationality: Please enter your nationality (Indian/Others). In case of others, please select if you
are an OCI and enter your Country of Nationality.
 Mobile Number: Should be valid and unique. You will receive your User ID and Password as an
SMS on this number only.
 Email Address: Should be valid and unique. You will receive your User ID and Password on this
email ID only.
 Captcha: The Captcha box is a special set of characters displayed on the screen. You will need
to retype the characters in the box provided. This is a safety feature designed to ensure that a
human is entering the details and not a computer program. If you have trouble reading the
characters, click on ‘Get a new image’ to refresh the letters.
Preview the details entered before you submit. By selecting the ‘Submit’ button, you are committing to
be honest and fair in all your actions and information provided in the Registration Form. Information
provided during registration will not be allowed to be changed. The email ID and Mobile number
provided should be preserved as same shall be used at the time of counseling by the designated
counseling authority.
Confirmation of Registration
Within minutes of submitting the Registration Form, you will receive a User ID and password on the
registered email address from the Administrator. Ensure that you check your mailbox immediately
and that it is not considered as spam mail.
You will also receive the User ID and Password as an SMS* on the registered mobile number. Using
these credentials, you may proceed to complete your application. (*Please note SMS will not be sent to
international numbers)
This ends Step 1 of the Registration Process
National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Step 2: Fill Application Form
Registered Users Click on `Applicant login’ to access the Application form with User ID and password
received on your email and mobile number. Alternatively, you can directly start filling up the form
by clicking on “Go to Application form” link at top right corner of the webpage opened after
successful registration.
Click on the ‘Go to Application Form’ button and please read the important instructions carefully.
The Application Form is divided into the following three sections:
1. Personal Details
2. Qualification Details
3. Upload Documents/Test Centre
Read the Note on pop-up page of the form before you begin to fill the information. You need to fill
section-wise application form. Once the mandatory details in a section are filled, you can move to the
next section by clicking on Save and Next. However, you will not be allowed to navigate to next section,
if mandatory information is not filled or the required documents are not uploaded. To navigate back to
the previous section, you can click on the name of the previous section tab.
Before submission, you can edit the information in the application form any number of times but,
following fields derived from your registration page shall appear in the application form as non-editable:
 Name of the candidate
 Date of Birth
 Gender
 Nationality
 Mobile No.
 Email address
Of these fields, you shall be able to update Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number during the edit
window. Once the form is submitted, you will be allowed to edit the details in the Application form
during the edit window starting from 08.02.2022 to 11.02.2022. Candidates may note that the
following data of the application form shall remain non-editable even during the edit window:
 Name of the candidate
 Nationality

 Email address
 Test City
Once you have completed the last section and then, click on Submit button, you will be re-directed to
make the payment. Once payment is done, your application is considered complete. You will receive
application submission and payment success confirmation at the end. Post this, changes to application
can be done but, are applicable to limited fields only as defined above. No new application can be
submitted during Edit Window.
Please do not send the Hard Copy of the Application to NBEMS.
National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Following section gives a glimpse of the important details required while filling the application form:
1. Personal Details
 Candidate’s Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Mobile number and Email address will be
automatically populated based on the information provided at the time of registering your
 Father’s Name and Mother’s Name needs to filled.
 Select Armed Forces Medical Service category if you are willing to take up courses in Armed
Forces Medical Services institutions.
 Select the Category (General/SC/ST/OBC)
 If you belong to General category, please select if you are from Economically Weaker Section or
 Select PWD (Persons with Benchmark Disability (Yes/No)
 Identification Details: Please keep details of all of the following Government issued Photo ID
ready that has been issued to you. You shall be asked to provide the details of all of them, if they
are issued by the Government to you.
1. Voter ID
2. Passport
3. PAN Card
4. Driving Licence
Only if any of these ID proof has not been issued to you; you can select ‘No’. Carry all those ID
proofs on test day to the test centre, details of which have been provided in the application
 Enter Your Communication Address, which will be used for future communication and
allocating a test center state in case, you pick the State as “others” while choosing the Test
Center Details. Permanent address to be filled as well.
Once this section is complete, click on Save and Next to proceed to next section.
2.Qualification Details
 States from which 10th and 12th standards have been qualified
 MBBS details – Enter the following details
a. Country of completion of MBBS Qualification – In case of others, please enter
country details
b. Name of Country
c. State – It is OTHERS in case Country is OTHERS
d. City
e. Name of College/Institute: Choose OTHERS if the name of your medical
college/university is not listed.
f. Month and Year of Passing
 Internship Details: Provide correct date of start of internship and completion of internship.
 Medical Council Registration Details
 Additional Information
Once this section is complete, click on Save and Next to proceed to the next section.
National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences, New Delhi

3. Test Center Details Documents to be uploaded:
(Please read the Image upload instructions before uploading the images)
 Two Photopgraphs to be submitted:
 To be uploaded: One pre-saved passport size coloured photograph (Maximum 80 Kb size, in
JPG/JPEG format)
 To be captured: Capture your photograph using the webcam attached to your computer system
by clicking on Capture Photograph button in the application form. Please read the instruction
carefully to avoid rejection of the photograph captured.
 Upload your scanned signature (Maximum 80 Kb size, in JPG/JPEG format)
 Upload your left thumb impression (Maximum 80 Kb size, in JPG/JPEG format)
Once the above images are uploaded, please pick the test center details.
Select the State in which you wish to appear in the test. Cities in that particular state will be shown
automatically. Please choose a test city. The test cities are allotted on First Come First Serve basis. In
case testing seat is not available in the state in which you prefer to appear for the exam, you can
choose the option OTHERS from the list of States at the time of selection of the state during online
submission of application form.
NBEMS will make all efforts to ensure that the candidate is allotted a testing center in the State of
communication address of the candidate. In case testing seat is not available in the concerned state
due to logistic, administrative and other reasons, testing center in a nearby State shall be allocated. In
case testing seat is not available in the State/UT in which the candidate prefers to appear in NEET-PG
2022, and the candidate choses some other available city instead of choosing the option “OTHERS”,
the choice of city will not be changed at later stage and the candidate will be required to take the test
in the city chosen by him/her.
Read the declaration carefully and fill the Captcha. Click on I Agree checkbox to complete the
application form. Before submitting, candidate must check whether he has filled all the details
correctly by clicking on ‘Preview’ button.
Then, click on Submit button. On clicking submit, the candidate will be re-directed to payment gateway
to make the payment.
Submission of Fee
The Applicable test fee will be displayed on the payment gateway page.
 Candidate needs to select mode of Payment: Net Banking/Card Payment etc.
 Until the payment is successful, the candidate will not be registered for the test. Application
submission completes once you get a successful payment confirmation
 Please download the Application PDF post payment for any future communication (if required).
 Testing city will be confirmed only after successful payment of fee.
 City selection is a dynamic process and will be confirmed only after successful payment.
Application submission is complete after confirmation of successful payment of examination and receipt
of acknowledgment to this effect from NBEMS


NEET Mock Tests are available at the official website of NTA i.e. nta.ac.in. After visiting the official website you have to click on the students’ tab to access the subject-wise NEET Mock Test. By taking these NTA NEET mock tests, the candidates can get familiar with the NEET Exam Pattern and can prepare a schedule keeping the pattern in mind.

Other than official NEET mock tests by NTA candidates can also check and download the chapter-wise NEET question bank provided by NTA. Read the article to know more about how to access NEET Mock Test, tips from toppers, and much more.

NEET 2022 Official Mock Test by NTA

Steps to Access NEET Mock Test

  • Visit the official website and click on the students' tab.
  • After that click on the link for Mock Test.
  • Select the exam you would like to appear in from the drop-down menu i.e. NEET.
  • Select the paper from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Click on “Start Mock Test”.
NEET Mock Test

NEET Mock Test Instructions/ Procedure in Detail

  • Since NEET is a pen and paper based test, whereas mock tests are available online, it is essential to create an exam-like environment as much as possible.
  • Be seated at an isolated place so that you don’t need to get disturbed in between the mock test.
  • Get a separate OMR Sheet so that you can pen down your answers on it. This OMR sheet is provided while giving the test; you can get in from the nearest stationery shop).
  • Keep an alarm clock near you so that you can set the time.
  • Once you are ready, open a NEET mock test available at the official website of NTA.
  • Start solving the question paper and keep marking the correct answers on the OMR Sheet (Offline mock). In case you are giving an online mock at NTA, you can mark the answers directly below the questions.
  • For the online mock tests at NTA, the test will be automatically submitted once the time ends.
  • The candidates taking the online mock test at NTA will get the results immediately after the completion of the test.
  • While taking the online NTA mock test, the candidates can choose from their preferred language (including English and Hindi)
  • On the left side of the screen, there are different color boxes that have their own relevance:

Answer Status for Questions in NEET Mock Test

Button Colour Status of the Button Pressed
Gray You have not visited the question yet
Red You have not answered the question
Green You have answered the question
Purple You have NOT answered the question, but have marked it for review
Purple with a green tick You have answered the question but marked it for review.
  • Once you have read all the instructions you can proceed further, in case you have not clicked you will not be moved to the next screen.
  • Once you have submitted all the answers, you will be asked whether you are sure that you want to submit the test as after that no changes can be made once you have submitted the mock test.
  • After that the results will be displayed on the screen with all the correct answers, wrong answers and questions that are left unanswered


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What things are not allowed in NEET?

Ans: NEET Rules And Regulations 2023: Items Barred in Exam Hall Communication devices like Mobile Phones, Bluetooth, Earphones, microphones, pagers, Health bands etc. Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, belts, Cap, etc. Watch/Wrist Watch, Bracelet, Camera, etc. Do not carry any metallic items.

2. Will there be 200 questions in NEET?

Ans: NEET Exam Pattern 2023: Overview. 13 languages: English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. As per the official NEET exam pattern, there will be 200 questions in the question paper, and out of the total, aspirants will only need to answer 180.

3. What are the rules for NEET exam?

Ans: NEET Marking Scheme & Exam Pattern

                                      NEET 2023 Highlights
Number of Questions 200 MCQs out of which 180 MCQs must be answered
Total marks 720 marks
Exam Mode The offline mode only (pen and paper-based mode)
Type of questions Objective-type questions with 4 options having 1 correct option


Ans: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), formerly the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) is an entrance examination in India for students who wish to study graduate and postgraduate medical courses (MBBS, MD, MS) and dental courses (BDS, MDS) in government or private medical colleges and dental colleges in India.

5. Can I wear jeans for NEET?

Ans: Jeans with big pockets and fashionable will generally not be allowed for females as per the NTA NEET dress code. So, female aspirants, are advised to avoid wearing jeans on NEET 2023 exam day. It is best to avoid high heels and thick sole shoes and instead opt for sandals or slippers. Low heel footwear is also allowed.

NEET Eligibility Criteria 

1. NEET Eligibility Criteria 2023

Ans: The following table summarizes the key aspects of the NEET 2023 eligibility criteria:

Particulars Details
Qualification Requirements Passed Class 10+2 in PCB and English from a recognized board.
NEET Age Limit
  • Must have completed 17 years as of December 31, 2023
  • No upper age limit is there
NEET Eligibility Marks in 12th
  • UR – 50%
  • OBC/SC/ST – 40%
  • PWD – 45%
NEET Attempt Limit No restrictions on the number of attempts
  • Indian Nationals
  • NRIs, OCIs, PIOs & Foreign Nationals are eligible

2. Is 12th Mark NEET 2023 important?

Ans: Must have a 10+2 or equivalent diploma from a recognized board, with Physics, Biology/Biotechnology, Chemistry, and English as core courses. 2. Aspirers with a Class 12 or equivalent are also eligible to apply for NEET. applicants must be 17 years old as of December 31, 2023

3. Do I have to fill in the Aadhaar number in the NEET 2023 application form?

Ans: In the online application form, a field has been added to fill in the Aadhaar number. It is not mandatory however candidates must fill it out to avoid future discrepancies.

4. I have a gap year between Class 11 and Class 12. Am I eligible to appear for NEET 2023?

Ans: Yes, if a candidate has a gap between Class 11 and Class 12, he/she is eligible for NEET-UG 2023. An amendment of the Medical Council of India (MCI) specified that a student must undergo continuous two years of study to become eligible to take NEET. However, this amendment was revoked by Delhi High Court and now candidates with a year gap can appear for NEET 2023

5. Is a candidate who has completed Class 11 and Class 12 from an open school eligible to apply for NEET 2023?

Ans: Yes. Previously, the candidates who have passed Class 12 from open school, private candidates, or aspirants who have Biology/Biotechnology as an additional subject in Class 12 were excluded from NEET. However, the petition was filed in the High Court on October 24, 2021, regarding this matter.

NEET 2023 Application Form 

1. Is Neet Application Form 2023 released?

Ans: NEET application form 2023 release date: NTA released the NEET 2023 application form in November 2022 and also the information brochure.

2. What is the last date of NEET Form 2023?

Ans: . Aspirants can complete the application process by following the below-mentioned steps and paying the NEET 2023 application form fee at neet.nta.nic.in. The dates of the correction window for NEET-UG 2023 are likely to be announced soon

3. Where can I fill my NEET 2023?

Ans: NEET 2023 Application Form: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has started the NEET 2023  application process at neet.nta.nic.in for the students who have been willing for admission to MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BSMS/BUMS/BHMS and other undergraduates (UG) medical courses.

4. Can I withdraw my NEET application form? Will I get a refund for it?

Ans: No. Once the application form is submitted, it could not be withdrawn or canceled. Also, the application fee for NEET 2023 is non-refundable.

5. At the time of clicking the ‘Submit’ button after filling out the application form, my session is shown as expired. Do I need to fill out a fresh form?

Ans: The session expires after 30 minutes, thus candidates should fill out the application form within the duration. To save time, candidates should keep all the required documents handy before filling out the NEET 2023 application form. Candidates can also save each part of their application form as a draft before beginning a new one. This way, none of the information will be lost even if the session expires.

NEET 2023 Admit card

1. Is neet admit card 2023 released?

NEET Admit Card 2023 – The National Testing Agency (NTA) will release the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET 2023 admit card at neet.nta.nic.in soon.

NEET 2023 Admit Card Date

Events Dates
NEET 2023 registration process November 2022
The correction window opened on January 2023
Correction window operational till to be announced soon
NEET 2023 admit card date 15 days prior to the examination

2. How to download NEET UG 2023 Admit Card?

Ans: The medical students who are about to attempt the NEET 2023 test must have their admit card to take the exam.

  • Go to the official website of NTA-NEET
  • Click on “Download NEET admit card 2023”
  • Enter your Application number, Date of Birth, Security PIN
  • Click on the “Submit” button
  • Check all of the information mentioned on the admit card; if everything is correct, download the PDF
  • Make a copy for yourself

3. Details Mentioned on the NEET UG Admit Card 2023

Ans: The following information may be seen on the NEET admission card:

  • Name of the student
  • NEET 2023 roll number
  • NEET registration number
  • NEET Exam dates (Date and time of the examination)
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Category/ Sub-category
  • Student’s Address
  • Medium (Language) of the examination
  • Number and address of the exam center
  • Candidate signature
  • Exam day instructions and guidelines

4. NEET Documents are required at the examination center

Ans: Documents required at the examination center with Admit card are

  • Photograph in passport size (same as on the application form)
  • Valid identification [PAN card/Driving licence/Voter ID/Passport/Aadhaar Card (with photograph)/Ration card or other government document]
  • PwD certificate (if applicable)
  • NEET admission card proforma with a postcard-sized picture placed on it
  1. How can I obtain a duplicate if I misplace my NEET 2023 admission card?

Ans: Applicants can get their admit cards through the NTA’s official website. The admission card can be downloaded as many times before the test; however, applicants should keep a soft copy for future reference. In addition, NTA will transmit a copy of the admission card to your registered e-mail address, which you may then download.

Exam pattern 

1. What is the NEET 2023 Pattern 

Ans: NEET Exam Pattern 2023: Highlights

the details of the NEET 2023 exam pattern in the table below.

Particulars Details
Mode of the examination Offline
Medium/ Language English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Assamese, Punjabi, Malayalam and Urdu
Duration of the examination Three hours and Twenty Minutes
Frequency of exam in a year Once a year
Type of questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Total number of Questions 200 (180 applicable questions for attempt)
Total Marks 720
Negative marking Yes
Marking Scheme +4 for correct answer| -1 for an incorrect answer
Total sections in the question paper 3
Name of the section and number of questions asked from it Physics 35 + 15
Chemistry 35 + 15
Biology 35 + 15

2. NEET 2023 Distribution of Marks 

  • Each correct answer will be awarded four marks
  • One mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer
  • No mark will be deducted for the questions which have not been answered
  • Questions that have two or more responses marked on the OMR sheet will be considered as incorrect and one mark will be deducted for them

3. Section-wise Question Distribution

Subjects Section No. of questions Marks
Physics A 35 140
B 15 40
Chemistry A 35 140
B 15 40
Zoology A 35 140
B 15 40
Botany A 35 140
B 15 40
Total 720

4. Is negative marking in NEET?

Ans: NEET is a negative marking test. For every incorrect response, 1 mark is deducted. If a question is left unattempted, no marks are deducted.

5. Is NEET pattern changing in 2023?

Ans: As per the new NEET 2023 exam pattern, each of the three subjects — Physics, Chemistry and Biology — will have two sections – A and B. While Section A will be mandatory and will consist of 35 questions, Section B will have 15 questions, out of which students will have to answer only 10


NEET 2022 Application Form Dates

The NEET registration 2022 process is the stepping stone of the national level examination process and has various events involved besides the filling of the NTA NEET registration. Below is the schedule for NEET registration 2022:

Events Dates
NEET 2022 notification and information brochure release 06-Apr-2022
NEET 2022 registration start date 06-Apr-2022
Deadline to fill the NEET 2022 application form 06-May-2022 (11.50 pm)

15-May-2022 (9 pm)

20-May-2022 (9 pm)

Last date to pay application fee 07-May-2022 (11.50 pm)

15-May-2022 (11.50 pm)

20-May-2022 (11.50 pm)

NEET 2022 application correction window 24-May-2022 to 27-May-2022 (9 pm)
NEET 2022 application correction window for Category change 14-Jun-2022 to 16-Jun-2022 (9 pm)
NEET 2022 admit card 12-Jul-2022 (11.30 am)
NEET 2022 exam day 17-Jul-2022

How to Make NEET 2022 Application Correction

Candidates had to follow the steps given below to make changes or corrections in the NEET 2022 application form:

NEET 2022 Application Form Uneditable Fields

Following are the fields that could not be edited by the candidates:

  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Nationality

NEET 2022 Application Correction Editable Fields

NEET 2022 applicants could make changes in the following fields:

  • Name
  • Parents’ name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Category and Sub-category
  • Changing signature and photograph
  • Past academic records
  • Preference of exam centre city
  • Preference of question paper medium/language

Candidates who had verified their identity with their Aadhaar card number will not be able to edit the following fields:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

NEET Eligibility Criteria 2022

Before filling NTA NEET registration form, candidates had to find out if they are eligible to apply for it. NEET eligibility criteria 2022 have been set by the National Testing Agency that state the basic requirements to appear for the entrance test. The criteria have been summarised in the table given below.

Eligibility Criteria for NEET 2022

The NEET 2022 eligibility criteria are stated in the table below:

Particulars Details
Nationality Indian Nationals

Foreign Nationals




Age The candidate must be at least 17 years of age as of December 31, 2022
Minimum Qualification Class 12 or equivalent from a recognised institute
Mandatory Subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
Minimum Marks in Qualifying Exam General: 50 per cent

PWD: 45 per cent

SC/ ST/ OBC: 42 percent

Number of permitted attempts No limit specified by NTA

Documents Required for NEET 2022 Application Form

Since the entire NEET 2022 registration process was online, applicants were advised to keep the following documents ready before filling out the NEET application form to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Documents Required for NEET 2022 Application Form

The table below brings the list of documents and files to be uploaded while filling out the NEET form.

Documents Specifications Size Format
Scanned Photograph
  • Passport size and postcard size (both)
  • The photograph must not be older than 3 months
  • Name of the candidate and date must be printed below the photograph
10 Kb to 200 Kb (passport size)

4"x6", 10 kb to 200 kb (postcard size)

Scanned Signature Signature of the candidate in black ink on white background 4 Kb to 30 Kb JPG/JPEG
Scan of thumb impression
  • Left-hand thumb impression
  • Should be on white paper with blue ink
10 Kb to 200 Kb JPG/JPEG
Class 10 Passing Certificate The scanned copy of the Class 10 passing certificate has to be uploaded 50 kb to 300 kb PDF
Citizenship Certificate or Embassy Certificate The citizenship certificate or the embassy certificate is required to prove the nationality of the candidates 50 kb to 300 kb PDF
Other things that must be kept handy
  • A valid mobile number
  • Valid Email Id
  • Class 10 marks and percentage
  • Class 12 marks and percentage
  • Identity Number - Aadhar Card number/ Passport number/ Ration Card number/ bank account/ any other valid Govt. identity number
  • Credit card/ Debit card/ Net banking credentials

How to fill the NEET Application Form 2022?

The following infographic gives a snapshot of the steps and their sequence to be followed in order to complete the NTA NEET registration 2022 process.

Steps to fill the NEET application form:

Steps to fill the NEET registration 2022 are elaborated below. Candidates could go through the steps before filling the NEET form to understand the process better and avoid confusion.

Step 1: Registration

  • Click on 'New Registration' and read the instructions

Enter the following details

  1. Candidate’s Name
  2. Mother’s name
  3. Father’s name
  4. Date of birth
  5. Category
  6. Gender
  7. Nationality
  8. Persons with Disability
  9. Identification Type
  10. Identification Number
  11. Mobile number
  12. Email Id
  13. Password
  14. Enter Security Pin

Step 2: Apply online for NEET 2022

  • Click on “Click here to login”
  • Login using the application number and password
  • The NEET application form would open on your screen
  • Details entered during the registration process will be pre-filled in the application and cannot be changed

The form is divided into 12 sections, fill in the following details:

The table below carries the different sections of NEET form along with the details to be filled in each section.

Sections Credentials
Personal Details
  • Candidate’s Name
  • Mother’s and Father’s Name
  • Gender
  • Category
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Persons with disability
  • Do you belong to Minority Category?
  • Are you suffering from Diabetes Type I?
  • Identification Type
  • Identification Number
Place of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • State
  • District
Choice of Medium of Question Paper Choose from the following language options: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi and Urdu
Choice of Examination Centre Choose four exam centres in decreasing order of preference
Academic Details (Class 10 or equivalent)
  • Name of School Education Board
  • Name of School /College
  • Address of School/College
  • Year of passing
  • Percentage of marks obtained in Class 10
  • Class 10 board roll number
Academic Details (Class 11 or equivalent)
  • Name of School /College
  • Year of passing
  • Place of Study
  • State where School/College is located
  • District where School/College is located
Academic Details (Class 12 or equivalent)
  • School Board of Class 12 or equivalent
  • Name of School/College (passed/appearing)
  • Address of School/College
  • Place of study
  • Year of passing
  • State where School/College is located
  • District where School/College is located
  • Qualifying Exam Code
  • Year of passing/Appearing class 12 or equivalent
  • Percentage of marks obtained in Class 10th if passed
  • Enter Roll Number of class 12
Permanent Address Permanent address of the candidate
Correspondence Address Same as permanent address or fill in the current address
Details of Parents/ Guardian
  • Qualification
  • Occupation
  • Annual income
Do you intend to wear a customary dress contrary to the Dress code while appearing for the exam? Yes /No
Security pin Alphanumeric pin on the screen
  • Check all the details carefully as they cannot be changed after the final submission of the NEET application form 2022
  • To submit the duly checked application form, click on “Yes, please do” on the confirmation pop-up

Step 3: Upload scanned images

  • Click on “Upload your recent documents”
  • Select the files to be uploaded
  • Click on “Next”

Step 4: Make Payment

Select the desired mode of payment ( SBI/Syndicate/HDFC/ICICI/Paytm Payment Gateway through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net-banking/UPI)

Pay the application fee

The category-wise application fee for NEET 2022 is given below:

Category Application fee (In INR)
General 1,600
Other Backward Classes 1,500
Scheduled Caste /Scheduled Tribe, Persons with Disability 900
Outside India 8,500

Step 5: Print Confirmation

Save and print the filled NEET application form along with the confirmation slip.

Documents that must be retained till NEET admissions are over

  • Printout of the confirmation page
  • Receipt for the payment of application fees
  • Six to eight copies of the uploaded photograph

NEET Application Statistics

NEET is the largest medical entrance test in India. Every year there is a significant rise in the number of NEET applicants. The data for the past four years has been depicted in the graph given below.

Description :

Go to the official website of NTA-NEET. Click on “Download NEET admit card 2022” Enter your Application number, Date of Birth, Security PIN. Click on the “Submit” button.


NEET 2023 Exam Highlights

NEET 2023 highlights have been summarized in the table below. Candidates can go through the same to get an overview of NEET exam.

Particulars Details
Name of the exam National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET)
Exam Conducting Body National Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam Frequency Once a year
Exam Mode Offline (Pen and Paper based)
Medium of the exam 13 languages- Hindi, English, Urdu, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi
Number of Questions 200 (180 to be attempted)
Number of Sections 4: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
Type of Questions Multiple Choice (MCQs)
Marking Scheme +4: Correct; -1: Incorrect
Total Marks 720
Exam Duration 200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes)
Official website neet.nta.nic.in
NTA Helpline
  • Numbers: 011-69227700, 011-40759000
  • Email ID: neet@nta.ac.in



How to Check NEET 2022 Result at neet.nta.nic.in?

Candidates have to check their NEET result 2022 and download the scorecards in online mode, by following the steps given below.

  • Enter the application number, password or date of birth and security pin
  • NEET 2022 score card will be displayed on the screen
  • Download and print the NEET score card for future reference

NEET Result 2022: Highlights

The following table brings the important highlights of the NEET 2022 result.

Particulars Details
Total number of appearing candidates 17,62,476
Total number of qualifying candidates 99,3069
Official website to check NEET result www.ntaresults.nic.in



Validity of NEET 2022 result One year
Format of NEET 2022 scorecard PDF


Contact Us:

Level Name Contact No.
1 Helpdesk (022)61060524/8700098336/7428206788/9535293631
2 Complaint Management Services (022)61060524/8700098336/7428206788/9535293631
3 Customer care (022)61060524/8700098336/7428206788/9535293631
4 Through SMS (022)61060524/8700098336/7428206788/9535293631


The NEET 2022 Rank Predictor is for candidates to give an approximate idea of what rank will they secured against the marks. They can go through the table shared here to have a rough idea about it. The NEET 2022 UG Exam was conducted on July 17, 2022 from 2 pm to 5.20 pm in various exam city centres across India by following strict covid-19 protocols such as wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, social distancing etc.

The NEET 2022 Result once it is released, candidates will be able to download their scorecard and rank sheet from the official website. The candidates can check the NEET 2022 Expected Rank Predictor Marks Vs Ranks Table below. This is the expected marks vs ranks for this year, 2022.

NEET marks NEET ranks
720 - 715 1 -- 19
710 - 700 23 - 202
698 - 690 204 - 512
688 - 680 522 - 971
679 - 670 992 - 1701
669 - 660 1702 - 2751
659 - 650 2759 - 4163
649 - 640 4170 - 6061
639 - 630 6065 - 8522
629 - 620 8535 - 11463
619 - 610 11464 - 15057
609 - 600 15070 - 19136
599 - 590 19141 - 23731
589 - 580 23733 - 28745
579 - 570 28752 - 34261
569 - 560 34269 - 40257
559 - 550 40262 - 46747
549 - 540 46754 - 53539
539 - 530 53546 - 60853
529 - 520 60855 - 68444
519 - 510 68448 - 76497
509 - 500 76500 - 85025
499 - 490 85032 - 93986
489- 480 93996 - 103350
479 - 470 103369 - 113223
469 - 460 113233 - 123338
459 - 450 123346 - 133916
449 - 440 133919 - 144909
439 - 430 144916 - 156179
429 - 420 156204 - 168034
419 - 410 168039 - 180302
409 - 400 180312 - 193032
399 - 390 193048 - 206241
389 - 380 206257 - 219764
379 - 370 219770 - 233843
369 - 360 233864 - 248477
359 - 350 248480 - 263339
349 - 340 263357 - 278814
339 - 330 278863 - 294772
329 - 320 294808 - 311293
319 - 310 311297 - 328377
309 - 300 328386 - 345954
299 - 290 345964 - 363964
289 - 280 363970 - 382695
279 - 270 382711 - 402154
269 - 260 402189 - 422163
259 - 250 422166 - 442631
249 - 240 442639 - 464126
239 - 230 464135 - 486718
229 - 220 486731 - 510131
219 - 210 510168 - 535169
209 - 200 535197 - 560995
199 - 190 561027 - 588519
189 - 180 588561 - 618096
179 - 170 618132 - 650040
169 - 160 650046 - 684698
159 - 150 684720 - 721833
149 - 140 721838 - 762989
139 - 130 763007 - 808249
129 - 120 808278 - 858455
119 - 110 858461 - 914407
109 - 100 914411 - 975925
99 - 90 975975 - 1044070
89 - 80 1044096 - 1116998
79 - 70 1117041 - 1193433
69 - 60 1193511 - 1269683
59 - 50 1269709 - 1342259
49 - 40 1342317 - 1405936
39 - 30 1406059 - 1457867
29 - 20 1457902 - 1495726
19 - 10 1495842 - 1520740
9 -- 0 1520799 - 1534697

Students note that to be able to secure admission in colleges, candidates of the general category have to score a minimum of 50 percentile to clear NEET 2022. Candidates, in case of any discrepancies, can contact the NTA through the email given in the NTA notice.

NEET 2022 UG Answer Key and NEET 2022 UG Result shall be expected soon on the official website


Important books for NEET 2022 – Biology

  • NCERT (Textbook) Biology – Class 11 & 12.
  • SC Verma Biology books.
  • Dinesh Objective Biology.
  • Biology by GRB Bathla's Publications.
  • Trueman's Biology – Vol 1 and Vol 2.
  • Biology Books by Pradeep's Publications


Courses Under NEET UG Duration Internship
MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 4 ½ years 12 months
BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery 4 years 12 months
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 4 ½ years 12 months
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery 4 ½ years 12 months
Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences 4 ½ years 12 months
Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery 4 years 12 months
Bachelor of Siddha Medicine and Surgery 4 years 12 months
B.P.T – Bachelor of Physiotherapy(without NEET UG is also possible) 4 years 6 months


Institute Program Name Category City/State Name Opening Rank Closing Rank
AIIMS, New Delhi MBBS GN Delhi 1 51
AIIMS, New Delhi MBBS EW NO Delhi 54 215
AIIMS, New Delhi MBBS OBC Delhi 59 218
AIIMS, New Delhi MBBS SC Delhi 87 1198
AIIMS, New Delhi MBBS ST Delhi 99 2239


Choice filling for UG Counselling Round 1 is now available. Registration / Fee Payment Facility for Round -1 of UG Counselling 2022 is available now. Current ...

The choice-filling process for registered NEET UG applicants will be made available on the official website, mcc.nic.in, in accordance with the approved counselling schedule. On October 11, 2022, NEET UG Counseling 2022 got underway.


The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) has declared the NEET PG 2022 counselling round 2 final results today, October 19. Haryana NEET UG 2022 counselling registration is ongoing and will end on October 23. Candidates can register through- uhsrugcounselling.com


Cutoff Round 1 Fees
All India Institute of Medical Sciences - [AIIMS], New Delhi M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 1

₹ 1,628 (1st Year Fees)
Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research - [JIPMER], Pondicherry M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 26

₹ 4,970 (1st Year Fees)
King George's Medical University - [KGMU], Lucknow M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 315

₹ 54,900 (1st Year Fees)
Institute of Medical Sciences - [IMS], Varanasi M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 213

₹ 134,000 (Total Fees)
Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai BDS

Closing rank 2021 - 11196

₹ 70,900 (1st Year Fees)
Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai BDS

Closing rank 2021 - 15556

₹ 82,100 (1st Year Fees)
Maulana Azad Medical College - [MAMC], New Delhi M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 54

₹ 4,445 (1st Year Fees)
Vardhman Mahavir Medical College - [VMMC], New Delhi M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 90

₹ 33,500 (1st Year Fees)
Govt. Dental College & Hospital - [GDCH], Nagpur BDS

Closing rank 2021 - 10617

₹ 58,350 (1st Year Fees)
University College of Medical Sciences - [UCMS], New Delhi M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 143

₹ 7,045 (1st Year Fees)
Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 5371

₹ 17,450 (1st Year Fees)
Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences - [SVIMS], Tirupati M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 3620

₹ 67,900 (1st Year Fees)
Jamia Millia Islamia University-[JMI], New Delhi BDS

Closing rank 2021 - 15700

₹ 31,100 (1st Year Fees)
Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute - [BMCRI], Bangalore M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 592

₹ 70,170 (1st Year Fees)
Seth GS Medical College - [GSMC], Mumbai M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 14

₹ 112,615 (1st Year Fees)
Government Medical College and Hospital - [GMCH], Chandigarh M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 311

₹ 25,000 (1st Year Fees)
Kolkata Medical College, Kolkata M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 83

₹ 15,520 (1st Year Fees)
Government Dental College & Hospital, Aurangabad BDS

Closing rank 2021 - 9732

₹ 69,750 (1st Year Fees)
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences - [MGIMS], Wardha M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 6074

₹ 464,700 (1st Year Fees)
Lady Hardinge Medical College - [LHMC], New Delhi M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 164

₹ 1,400 (1st Year Fees)
Madras Medical College - [MMC], Chennai M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 255

₹ 680,200 (Total Fees)
Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College-[LTMMC], Mumbai M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 757

₹ 102,730 (1st Year Fees)
Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Government Medical College - [BJMC], Pune M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 33

₹ 104,400 (1st Year Fees)
Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research - [IPGMER], Kolkata M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 1185

₹ 7,500 (1st Year Fees)
B. J. Medical College - [BJMC], Ahmedabad M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 3

₹ 6,000 (1st Year Fees)
R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital - [RGKMCH], Kolkata M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 2813

₹ 15,250 (1st Year Fees)
Pt Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences - [PGIMS], Rohtak M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 1270

₹ 42,420 (1st Year Fees)
Government Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 5213

₹ 107,710 (1st Year Fees)
Government Medical College, Latur M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 8908

₹ 98,830 (1st Year Fees)
Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences - [BIMS], Belagavi M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 5601

₹ 65,780 (1st Year Fees)
Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research - [VIMSAR], Sambalpur M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 2063

₹ 32,180 (1st Year Fees)
Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College - [JNMC], Aligarh M.B.B.S.

Closing rank 2021 - 411

₹ 43,940 (1st Year Fees)
Bombay College of Pharmacy - [BCP], Mumbai B.Pharma

Closing rank 2021 - 99

₹ 41,320 (1st Year Fees)
Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy, Mumbai B.Pharma

Closing rank 2021 - 249

₹ 198,000 (1st Year Fees)
Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad B.Pharma

Closing rank 2021 - 1437

₹ 130,000 (1st Year Fees)
PMS College of Dental Science and Research - [PMS], Thiruvananthapuram BDS

Closing rank 2021 - 6550

₹ 321,300 (1st Year Fees)
RC Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research - [RCPIPER], Shirpur B.Pharma

Closing rank 2021 - 1456

₹ 106,000 (1st Year Fees)
Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research - [DYPIPSR] Pimpri, Pune Pharm.D

Closing rank 2021 - 908

₹ 95,000 (1st Year Fees)
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy - [BVCOP], Navi Mumbai B.Pharma

Closing rank 2021 - 935

₹ 155,000 (1st Year Fees)
Karnavati School of Dentistry, Karnavati University - [KSD], Gandhinagar BDS

Closing rank 2021 - 4798

₹ 1,440,000 (Total Fees)
Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy - [BVCOP], Kolhapur B.Pharma

Closing rank 2021 - 2300

₹ 148,292 (1st Year Fees)

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